Fresh Tomato Sauce Plain/ Oregano/Basil

Tomato Products

Available packages

Tomato sauce

- 500ml.

- 1,5lt.

Sundired tomatoes

- 380ml.

- 1,5lt.


The tomatoes that we choose for our products are organic and selected one by one from our producers.
With these wonderful tomatoes and our extra virgin olive oil, our fresh tomato sauce is produced. Natural flavored or flavored with local herbs, is ready for use. It does not require extra cooking, which makes it easier for you, by giving an excellent taste to your every dish (roasted, pizzas, pasta etc).

As for our delicious sun-dried tomatoes, after being salted and dried in the strong island sun as needed, they are marinated with fine sunflower oil and also with local wild herbs. They go through double pasteurization before and after packaging.

Nissos Greek Food tomatoe products are a rich source of nutrients, they provide vitamins C and K and lycopene –an antioxidant that help reducing the risk of certain forms of cancer.

Sun - dried Tomatoes Marinated

Tomato Products 

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