Nissos Greek Food is the new member of our family's commercial path, 

 that started during 1978.

Our inspiration

Lesvos , the island of our heart..

Sea Salt, bright sun, high mountains, beautiful nature, ancient civilization and 

long history.

Full of seductive aromas of grandma's and mom's cookings and unforgettable memories from  wonderful summers in the village...

Our land

With our brand name reflecting Greece and its mild, unspoiled, mediterranean climate, we began the journey around the country, searching, tasting and choosing - among small family farms, artisans and small producers - the most exquisite and representative goodies of each location.

Our Values

Authentic traditional taste, products locality
(regional, PDO etc), certified production procedure, food safety, absence of chemicals, colorings etc, traditional recipe, 

are the  main selection criteria and our guarantee for deliciousness,

nutritional and therapeutic value of NISSOS GREEK FOOD products!

We take care most of our healthy delicacies to be :




* When products are purcahsed directly from a producer's factory , then the packaging is wearing producer's brand or your own PL!



New products – Special offers – What’s new

What we do..

Nissos Greek Food brings to the table and shelves of your business selected products of remarkable Greek producers, which you can DIRECTLY purchase from our cooperating producers!

Being specialized in Greek products we have to offer you extraordinary traditional products from Lesvos,  Crete, Evros, Thessalia and all over fertile Greece!

Our company Nissos Greek Food

* Supports Greek producers

* Promotes the Greek diet

* Spreads the traditional Lesvo's cuisine

* Approaches the modern consumer

* Follows the trends of gastronomy with products HEALTHY - RAW - VEGAN - GLUTEN FREE - LACTOSE FREE - REGIONAL.

What our clients benefits from..

- "refresh" their collections & the interest / loyalty of their customers

- follow market trends, expanding their clientele

(regional, premium, free from, health protective)
- save time and money in finding / acquiring new products

This way, they enjoy :

* increase in turnover & profitability

* clientele's expansion
* continuous development & growth
* positive customer reviews
* saving money

Nissos Greek Food products are chosen by..

- Fine food service and retail food distributors
- Fine dinning & Luxury restaurants, catering and hotels

- Beach bar & restaurants
- Chain of stores, delicatessen,

healthy Greek/Mediterranean

/Vegan food stores

Nissos Greek Food products are made for ..

modern consumers that are seeking to "find the roots",

to elevate the quality of their life through healthy diet,

well being, fine body form, culinary delight , fashionable style

and contemporary lifestyle

for their clientele, themselves and their family members.

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