Greek Honey


Taste our Greek honey collection, that stands out for its plaisant taste, beautiful crystal clear colors and high nutritional value.

Each variety of Nissos Greek Food’s honey is unique for its characteristics and nutrients. Either it's a tree honey - with less sugars - or a bush/flower one,  you can enjoy a 100% pure,  healthy product.

The crystallization of our honeys is a natural property and confirms their authenticity while it keeps their nutritional and biological value.

Get to know our honey varieties and choose the one that suits best your needs and preferences!

Both retail and food service packages are available.

Available packages

- ΒΙΟ: 450gr. - 800 gr. glass jar

- CONV: 30gr. - 50gr. - 250gr. -480gr. - 950gr.

- BIO & CONV.:5lt. bucket

Greek Honey

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Thyme Honey

from Lefkada island

standard & bio

• Crystallization: Fast

• Unique aroma, taste and blond color, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

• Rich in minerals and trace elements.

• Crystallization: Slow

• Source of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium

• Low concentration of sugars 

• The enzymes it contains enhance the metabolism and function of the vital organs.

• High antioxidant activity 

Pine Honey from

from North Evia

standard & bio

• Crystallization: Slow

• Low concentration of sugars

• High nutritional value due to the large number of healthy substances such as metals and trace elements.

Flower Honey 

from Peloponnese's mountains
standard & bio

• Crystallization: Fast

• Light aroma, elegant taste, in blond color! 

Ideal for pastries, cocktails and delicious cooking too!

Orange Tree Honey

from Lakonia / Peloponnese


• Crystallization: Fast

• Wonderful color and intoxicating delicate fragrance!

• Antimicrobial and antioxidant action.

• Excellent cosmetic properties.

• Reduces stress, heals gastritis and helps in the treatment of migraine

Oak Tree honey

from Peloponnese's mountains

standard & bio