The Rock'n'Roll Resurrection Society

Why isn't there an Annual Rock'n'Roll Music Awards presentation? One dedicated solely to Rock'n'Roll music. Why aren't we Rock'n'Roll'ers celebrating our music and culture by recognizing and honoring those whose music we love? Whose talent we admire and respect? The Grammy's and other music awards shows have been a joke for Rock'n'Roll. Country music has five different awards shows each year! MTV barely presents music, let alone Rock'n'Roll, at all anymore! How is it that after a nearly 70 year history there isn't a Rock'n'Roll Music Awards Show? One dedicated solely to all facets of Rock'n'Roll music? Somehow, we plan to do something about it. Why don't we start with a ballot! Click here for the first Rock'n'Roll Music Awards ballot!

Shouldn't there be aRock'n'Roll Music Awards Show?

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