The Rock'n'Roll Resurrection Society

Our Mission is to help Rock'n'Roll music and culture rise again in prominence throughout the United States and the rest of the World. On this site we will introduce our various tools, strategies and events designed to help all of you Rock'n'Roll artists, bands and enthusiasts elevate and succeed in whatever capacity of Rock'n'Rock you indulge. Also, we hope to instigate or be the Catalyst for the long overdue creation of a Rock'n'Roll Music Awards program honoring past and present Rock music groups and individuals who have made an impact on Rock'n'Roll music and culture. An awards program celebrating all genres of Rock'n'Roll and nothing but Rock'n'Roll. Join us, find and like us on all social media platforms! Support us! For a mere $20 bucks, purchase one of our T-Shirt, Sticker and Poster packages to become a supporter of 'The Rock'n'Roll Resurrection Society' and wear Rock'n'Roll with pride and balls! Be sure to check out our RnR History page for a chronological look at Rock'n'Roll through the ages.


Our First Order of Business

As our first order of business, we here at The Rock'n'Roll Resurrection Society want to put to rest the correct spelling and presentation of the words "Rock'n'Roll". And there it is. The correct spelling is this - Rock'n'Roll - with both "R's" capitalized, with single quotations on each side of the 'n' and with no spaces essentially making it one word since it is a noun describing a certain type of music and life style. See? Even Lemmy knew the proper way to spell Rock'n'Roll!

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The Rock'n'Roll Resurrection Society is dedicated to

the Resurgence of Rock'n'Roll Music and Culture.

Lemmy agreed this is

the correct spelling!