The Rock'n'Roll Resurrection Society

...will showcase and support charities and organizations we feel are great partners with the Rock'n'Roll community. Along with other foundations and charities found to be worthy, we here at the RnR Resurrection Society are planning two charitable causes. Our most pressing foundation is titled "My Rockstar Pals" and will focus on children whom are most at risk of suicide because of bullying. There is no reason we can't find and provide guidance and resources to a child who is bullied to the point of considering suicide, alternately, preventative programs and education in schools are drastically needed to stop bullying before it has a chance to harm.

As our second charitable enterprise, we will launch our own program taking in donated instruments from various sources and then 're-homing' them to a worthy school, church or child who otherwise might not be able to afford them. "InstrumentShare" coming soon!

Charities We Love...