What folk have to say about NHN of Amherst Co.

Just a few of the comments we have received since opening.

I volunteer at NHN because as a young mother there were many times we struggled financially. Many months, I had to choose whether to buy medicine for my sick child, buy food or pay bills. Twenty-five years later my circumstances are different and I am so thankful and grateful that I want to somehow give back. The sense of community at NHN is overwhelming and I am so blessed to be a part of this family.   Joy

I volunteer with Neighbors Helping Neighbors because I was asking God where He wanted me to serve Him outside my local church. I had heard from friends about the ministry and felt God’s leading to become a volunteer. I have been blessed every time I serve. I look forward to every distribution day and am honored to be able to reach out to others and pray that God will use me to make a difference for Him in the lives of those I am privileged to serve!! John 3:30   Elaine Neill

I was sitting in church one Sunday morning and Mrs. Rowe was speaking about how many people had been fed the day before at NHN food bank. I asked at the end of the service how I could get in touch with someone to volunteer. God led me to NHN, and it has been a truly rewarding path. It is such a blessing to so many families that may not have enough food each month without the food warehouse and it is wonderful to be able to give my time to help others. It is wonderful to see God's work anytime but so good to see how he provides for those in need. It is always a wonderful reminder!  Bev Burford

“I like volunteering at NHN because there’s a contagious desire and willingness to help those in need. Everyone there loves doing what they’re doing. Jesus unconditional love drives us to care for our neighbors and serve them with love. And, as someone once said, how we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great.”  Sandra M. Alba  

I volunteer because at one point in my life I was a client at other food banks and I was grateful for the help I received to feed my family at the time of need and this is my way of giving back to others. It means a lot to me to give my time to others and I love my time that I volunteer and the people I have meet since I have been doing this.  Lisa Cunningham

I have been helped many times in my life. I want to pass it on and share with others who need the help.  Dotty Sova

Why do I volunteer? “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10  Bev Jones

As a member of a small church, volunteering connects me with the larger church community in Amherst and I am blessed by seeing what God is doing in our vicinity.  Maggie Brockman

I enjoy cooking and am happy to prepare meals for our guest. This is the high light of the first Thurs each month at The Ascension Church in Amherst which provides us a site for our meals. So fortunate to work with great volunteers there. Our guest are very appreciative of the meals.  

Jean Thacker

I really enjoy helping others...I SEE THE NEED...the rewards I receive are unbelievable...NHN is my first priority....thank you for allowing me to being a part of this and doing the LORDS WORK...the friends I’ve made are a true blessing... John Mann

Pretty simple, really. Many of our neighbors regularly go hungry. It’s our job to feed them.

Bob Chase

Lynn Cunningham

When you’ve lived your life never having to think about where your next meal is coming from or have always had family or friends close by to support you in times of need, you realize how truly blessed you are. And when you know that there are people in your own community, your neighbors, who are struggling to feed themselves and their families, or who have no one to lean on when times are tough, how can you do nothing to help? Sometimes we want to help, but don’t know how or don’t know where our efforts and resources can really make a difference. Thankfully, we have a great organization right here in Amherst County, NHN, that makes it easy to volunteer and really have a positive impact on the lives of our neighbor who are in need. I have been a Volunteer with NHN since the first meal was served from our Ascension Soup Kitchen in 2016. In preparing and serving meals to our guests, I’ve been given the opportunity to return, in part, blessings I’ve received. The real reward for me is the friendships formed with guests and volunteers alike. Service here (NHN) breaks down the socioeconomic barriers that exist in our community and gives us opportunities for friendships with folks from all walks of life. What great fun we have working, serving, and eating together! I encourage anyone wanting personal growth, to get involved in your community, with your neighbors, by volunteering with NHN.

Don’t just think about it-JUST DO IT!  You will have no regrets.