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Instrument Rock Bands

PopStar Academy also offers our RockStar program of instrument bands!

If you or your RockStar child plays or wants to learn to play guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards, or frontman/frontwoman lead vocals and prefers to be in a Rock band, we have an excellent program that goes far beyond simply shoving kids in a room and telling them to learn a song.

Our program teaches the rudiments of becoming a strong, tight, live-performing unit. Learning to play one of their favorite songs from one of their favorite bands sometimes isn't the best way to go. Often, kids will choose a song that is simply too far out of their talent range and the whole process and results will suffer from it. Our music director will help them select a song that they can get excited about while staying at a musical and performance level that is obtainable.

For students who have a good level of experience playing their instrument of choice, we will advance their potential with challenging exercises and performance details that will make them stand out amongst their musician peers. When ready, we will also organize and help them write and record their own songs in their own style!