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Meet Paula

Paula Hunter is a world renowned spiritual leader helping individuals heal and transform their lives by providing life changing services, products and programs that inspire and empower. She is one of Canada’s Top Psychic Mediums. The demonstration of life after life through readings with Paula is described as powerful, life-changing, and deeply healing experience.

Reiki & Distance Healing Sessions - $100
(60 minutes)
Reiki with Chakra Balance - $115
(60 - 75 minutes)
Aromatherapy Massage - $125
(75 minutes)
Aromatherapy Consultation - $100
(includes custom product)
Healing Sessions
Psychic Medium Readings
1 Email question - $25
3 Email questions - $50
Parties - $50/person (min 6/max 10) + travel
30 Minute Reading - $100
60 Minute Reading - $175
2 Person Reading (60 min) - $250
Clinical Hypnosis - $125
(custom designed programs)
Smoking Cessation - $125
Sugar Addiction Program - $400
Virtual Gastric Band for Weight Loss Hypnosis Program - $625
Past Life Regression - $200
Hypnosis Sessions
Spiritual Coaching Programs
(contact me for information and pricing)

Home Clearings - $200
(contact me for pricing on business clearings)

Gift Certificates

Events & Courses
Other Sessions Provided

Private Readings - August 17th & 18th, 2024 at Essentially Seaside Campground - St. Martins, NB

So excited to be visiting Essentially Seaside for private readings again this year!

Sessions will be provided at "Essentially Seaside - Seaside Campground" - 234 Main Street - St. Martins, NB - Trailer 4.

Sessions are 30 minutes in length and are $100. Cash only payment.

With Paula Hunter & Kim Garden

We will discuss spiritual and metaphysical topics, provide you with information and tools that will help you develop your intuition and dig deep into who you really are. We will pose questions and have discussions on topics that may even challenge your current belief systems. We will  teach you about universal truths and how you create the life that you are living, knowing that you can be the product of your limiting beliefs, or you can cast these limitations aside and step into your true I AM Divinity.

All attendees for parties will receive a message from Paula's guides or a spirit connection. Parties are around 1 1/2 hours. Contact Paula to book your private party.

All Services offered by Paula are covered under most extended health care programs that cover Naturopaths or your taxes.

Paula is a member of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherpists of Canada.

Academy of Naturopaths and
Naturotherapists of Canada