Tajima SAI

A new world of embroidery business opened by SAI
It fits anywhere and it's reasonably priced, so it's easy to start using it.

It has everything you need for your startup. It means you can get started, right now.

The toughness to keep on working, compact size, and price.

The all-in-one package includes fonts and PC software.

Delivered to you with the quality that celebrated brands put their trust in.

SAI was born from the voices of our customers

SAI is a compact embroidery machine packed with Tajima's technology and know-how. We developed it for people considering getting an embroidery machine who want to:

  • Make beautiful embroidery just like the professionals!
  • Embroider fast and steadily!
  • Have a compact machine that can be used in a small shop!
  • Have an easy-to-use machine!
  • Get a hard-working embroidery machine for a small investment!

Tajima has long excelled in the development of techniques and devices that satisfy professional requirements. However, we have had little experience of developing compact products or products where appearance is important, so everything was new for us. After three years, and after repeated trial and error experiments, SAI has finally been completed. This machine is one that we can present to the world with confidence.

Start embroidering as soon as your SAI arrives

SAI is an all-in-one package enabling you to start your business right away. Just follow your intuition to operate the touch panel, and the embroidery setup is all done. All you have to do now is push the start button. And even better, when you connect it to a PC using the Writer software included, you can embroider names in an instant!

The fantastic operability of not only the machine itself but also the software, have been developed out of Tajima's design sense that has been honed in the real world of embroidery. So, switching up to more powerful, higher-level machines is smoothly accomplished. Your initial experience will not be wasted, nor will the development of your business be held up.