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Established by both brothers, MR S.P CHANG and MR STEVEN CHANG, SPS is the Sole Agent of TAJIMA embroidery machine (the WORLD's largest Manufacturer) in Malaysia since 1979.

From its modest start, SPS has grown to be the NO.1 seller of embroidery machines in the country, serving as a majority of the market share, making it the leader in the embroidery industry. Over the years, SPS has made a profound impact in the embroidery world as a renowned and well-respected establishment due to its close ties with customers, in-depth knowledge of the overall market's movement and needs and efficient network of nationwide Sales and Services offices. 

Headquartered in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur with two other branches in Batu Pahat, Johor, and Kelantan, Sarawak & Sabah. SPS ensures its customers the highest quality of services with an adequate and full range of spare parts for timely delivery, a team of knowledgeable and highly skilled Japan trained expert technicians for maintenance services, free technical know-how, and professional on the job consultations.

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Formed in 1944, TAJIMA developed its first Multi-Head Automatic embroidery machine in 1964 and it had since produced more than 3,000 types of embroidery machines with 1 to 65 heads machine. The machines are exported to over 130 countries throughout the world with the establishment of more than 90 overseas distributors.

TAJIMA's Technical Centre which was established in 1994 is TAJIMA's research and development unit. Its goal is to enhance TAJIMA's technological advancement and also in pursuit of the cultivation of original concepts and patterns through active and continuous exploration. As a result, TAJIMA now holds many acclamations as "the first and the only one in the world" which has gained international recognition for its innovativeness, reliability, highest quality and finest finishing. 

SPS INTERTRADE SDN. BHD. was founded by the Chang brothers; Mr S. P. Chang and Mr Steven Chang in the year of 1979 in Malaysia. From its modest start, the company was given the prestigious privilege as the sole distributor of Tajima Japan Embroidery in Malaysia. Since then, the company has fought its way to be one of the leading and most respected companies/brands in Malaysia for its efficiency, trustworthiness, and exquisite after-sales services.

SPS Intertrade Sdn. Bhd. has always been sustaining extremely close connections with all our Tajima families throughout the world. Today, clients can easily get into contact with Tajima Malaysia not only by merely visiting our offices nationwide but also on the ever-growing social media such as Facebook, etc. These services and the constant upgrade of our website provide the most friendly and attentive services to our clients all over Malaysia. And last but not least, Mr S. P. Chang and Mr Steven Chang have definite confidence in our company motto “Never rest”. A simple yet definitive suggestion to our faithful clients is that we will never halt our progress of improvement and innovation.

Throughout the years since the establishment of SPS Intertrade Sdn. Bhd., the company has managed to the extent of its prominence nationwide. Starting from Kuala Lumpur, it is now available to see the company’s offices all over Malaysia at places such as Kelantan, Batu Pahat, Johor, Sarawak, and Sabah.

The company operated and grown many years by upholding five main principles that not only the Chang brothers believe in, but are also a part of the stout company culture; Commitment to Clients, Attitude and Ethics, Training and Assessment, Creativity, Innovation, and a Solid Platform. The company believes firmly in upholding these five principles, as it serves not only as a motivational reminder to all members of Tajima Malaysia but also for the greater good of all our clients. 

Tajima always leads, never follows