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Kitchen Cabinets, Fascia Board & Doors Visit our Show Room and see the quality.

ZZ Millwork is able to take your idea from concept to prepare a set of drawings, & we prepare a set of construction drawings.

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Providing full range of Design & Build services including design, management, millwork, finishing work.

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professional drawings comply with the current building codes and standards; and ensure that the contractor Projects can be constructed with a clear understanding of all requirements and scope of work.

2 Wall

file in as-built drawing .pdf and CAD format. We also have furniture layouts and elevations

At the same time, we conduct a strategic fit to make sure the space is not only suitable for all of your required elements.
But also we make sure that it will pass local codes and regulations when completed.

Measurements in Inches

No Project Too Big Or Too Smal

Detail Prices


  1. Material: The carcass is made of 18mm thickness plywood, and interior to be white melamine.
  2. Hardware: Soft-Closing hinge, drawer slides included and adjustable leveler; Door pull is not included.
  3. Packing: Single packing by carton , unassembled.
  4. Regular Cabinet Depth | Upper: 12-5/8" | Lowers: Tall Pantry/Fridge Top: 24-5/8" | Vanity: 21-7/8" 
  5. Door: 3/4" MDF/PBC, Flat style
  6. Payment terms: T/T,50% deposit to confirm the order, 50% before shipment.
  7. Payment Methods: Accept cash, Paypal, Bank Draft; cheques require validation prior to order processing.
  8. Cancellation: Deposit may be non-refundable if order is cancelled.

Kitchen Cabinet Details

1. Materials:

A. Box
Our cabinet boxes are made by 11 layers of high-density solid wood (0.5-0.7) plywood with 120g/square meter high pressure melamine (it is the highest grade in the market, normal melamine thickness is around 80g/square M in the market).

B. The Doors
There are three types of doors.
a. Solid wood or MDF edge with painting finishing.
b. Particle board with 120g/square M melamine finishing.
c. MDF board with 120g/square M melamine finishing.

2. The boxes & doors processing and combination method:

A. Box
The boxes are produced by CNC machine, pre-set all of holes & notch such as installation needed, usually the cabinets are combined with screws, because every things already pre-made, so it is easy for anyone to sample together, and the appearance of cabinets are no different from that of custom-made cabinets, after the combine together. All of edges are completed by laser welting machine with the 1-2 mm edge band, and the effect is very precise.

B. Doors
The doors are produced by CNC machine and laser welting machine with 1-2mm edge band, all holes are marked and already set.

3. The hardware:
We use the high standard hardware of our own brand , we use self-close slides for the drawers.
We have an undermount drawer slide which are gentle self closing.

Reco Products are affordable compared to alternative options; below are some more details.

Remember to book a time to visit our showroom and decide for yourself.

Plywood is much more durable than press board. It can withstand higher loads and is less prone to warping or breaking.

Quality finish:
Plywood is an excellent surface for finishing. It holds paint, stains, and varnishes very well, providing a high-quality finish that looks great and lasts a long time.

Plywood is easier to cut and shape than press board, which makes it ideal for custom cabinetry.

Environmental friendliness:
Plywood is made from sustainable materials, while press board is made from wood waste and glue. By using plywood for your kitchen cabinets, you can show that you care about the environment.

Better value for money:
Plywood cabinets are a much better investment in the long run. They last longer, require less maintenance, and can increase the resale value of your home. You can use this point to show that quality kitchen cabinets built from plywood are a smart investment.

Health benefits:
Plywood is less likely to emit harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, which is often found in press boards. There are health benefits to plywood in your cabinets; it can contribute to a healthier home.

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 Lowers Depth: 24-5/8"

Cabinet Depth | Upper: 12-5/8" / Fridge Top: 24-5/8"

 Depth: Tall Pantry: 24-5/8"

3 Units