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Your Trusted Lynchburg Masonry Contractors Since 1987

Laying brick is a time-honored trade (art) and All American Masonry is Lynchburg and Forest, VA's top choice for all kinds of brick and masonry services. We have laid brick, block, rock and a variety of concrete for our residential and commercial customers.

We have been caring for Lynchburg's buildings, homes and other concrete fixtures for over 30 years. Our expertise in brickwork and masonry has helped us have a place among the top brick layers in the Central Virginia area.

Whether your job is big or small, we can help you for a variety of brick replacement services, repairs, tuckpointing / repointing, brick or rock chimney repair or buildout jobs.

We offer masonry mortar repair services as well. We know that Lynchburg weather can damage bricks and mortar over time due to moisture issues and extreme range of temperatures. This leads to spalling, cracked surfaces and causes deterioration to walls, basements, foundations, chimneys and sidewalks or driveways. Cracked mortar or concrete leads to decay that can cause severe injury from broken bricks and blocks falling from residential or commercial structures.

Lynchburg Masonry Services we offer:

Brick Laying (current page)

Brick Chimney build out & repair

Brick Wall Repair & Restoration

Retaining Walls


Porches & Patios

Swimming pools

Foundations & Basements


A well-laid brick driveway adds beauty and value to your home and a well-laid and nicely designed brick driveway will last a long time and not fall captive to the typical things a poorly designed driveway would - the main culprit being different types of water damage.

All American Masonry can help you design and lay a great brick sidewalk that will last years to come.