We are located in Moncks Corner, SC which is about 30 minutes away from Charleston. We have a small 5 acre farm where I get the joy of staying home with my daughter who is homeschooled and we run the farm together. I have been a member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, have attended Grooming Academy as well as have taken online Dog Nutrition and Dog Behavioral classes.. I grew up riding, training, showing and racing horses and have a passion for all animals (minus snakes). I have also trained pigs, cows and donkeys just for fun. All of our dogs are treated the best and are very special to us. Our dogs do not stay in kennels constantly and have room to run around in their own large areas with their own house and swimming pool and toys to keep them busy. We spend lots of time with them and their puppies to ensure quality companions. I love working with dogs and training them to do various things like tricks, obedience, retrieving, finding deer sheds or deer, competitions and conformation showing.

My husband and I love to deer hunt, fish or anything outdoors so that is also one of our passions. We try to go every chance we get and have several trained dogs that will find wounded deer for us if we need them to when hunting. I have been training dogs and puppies now for 20 years and have 18 years experience in breeding. The first breed that I ever worked with were australian cattle dogs. I purchased my first corgi because I loved the intelligence and capabilities of the herding breeds but wanted something a little more compact and with not as much energy. I sadly had to say goodbye to my first corgi ever in 2020. He was a great companion and a true best friend so I definitely know the sadness with the loss of our four legged family members. We do occasionally have a litter of corgis and I am honored to still have my first guys bloodline in some of the corgis but we mostly work on the training and titling our labradors. All of the puppies that are born here are very socialized and are born in their own whelping house that has A/C and heat to keep mom and babies as comfortable as we can. We have a small pond on our property that works great for quick training sessions and puppy water introduction when the weather is warm.

We are very proud of our puppy play area we have that the babies get to enjoy. They get to interact with other, play around with new obstacles, sights, sounds and smells as well as get to enjoy hanging toys, stairs, swings, tunnels and uneven ground.