Reelin' For a Cure
AUGUST 16, 2024 6am - 12pm
Ladies Team Registration

On this page is the 'Official' Registration form.

Everyone is REQUIRED to complete and submit this form to participate.
Everyone is also required to have a NYS one day Fishing License which you can purchase online at or any outdoor stores, tackle shops.No one should register and pay until they have confirmation of a captain/boat and team!
Use the Form Below or this 
Printable 'pdf'

Fill out the form below or download it, complete it and enclose it with your payment by check, as instructed.

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2024 Entry Application

Friday, August 16, 2024

$250 Team entry Fee (Cash or Check) Please make check payable to: Greater Niagara Pro Am (memo line: Reelin’ For A Cure)

*If Captain needs a slip at Olcott or Wilson, Please reach out to marinas directly. If you do not have a team/boat yet, please let us know by sending an email: or click on the link on our website and our committee will do our best to assist you.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: By signing this document the person whose signature appears below acts as representative of the team and agrees to the following:
I hereby release, discharge and waive all claims of any type against Reelin’ For A Cure and/or Sponsor and any persons officially connected with this event, including the Tournament Committee, from ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY INJURY, LOSS CLAIM OR DAMAGE OF ANY TYPE ARISING OUT OF/OR RELATED TO OR CAUSED BY PARTICIPATING IN THIS OR ANY EVENT, ACTIVITY OR ACTION OCCURRING AT OR DURING THIS OR ANY COMPETITION SANCTIONED BY REELIN’ FOR A CURE.
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decline entry or participation by any person, team or boat, as deemed necessary, to ensure such things as integrity, image, reputation, and financial performance and community relationships with sponsors, participants and supporting groups.

I acknowledge receipt of the rules and regulations, certifying and consenting to have shown copy of it to all team members and agree that I will abide by all tournament rules and will accept the decision of the tournament rules & protest committees and agree that the decision of the tournament rules & protest committees will be final and I will PURSUE NO ACTION contesting any decision of the rules & protest committees.

I assume all responsibility for team members under the age of 18.
I understand that all photos, video or any other materials that may be used for future promotion are property of RFAC.
I understand that all applicable taxes are the responsibility of the winners.
I state that I have read this document in full and understand that I am giving up all rights to damages from injuries to any person and/or property, as well as giving up all rights to seek damages as a result of the tournament rules, protest or full committee decision.

Mail payment (if paying by check) to: Stephanie Pierleoni / P.O. Box 212, Newfane, NY 14108

Captains Meeting: Thursday, August 15th, 2024 @ 6:30pm

Ladies Fishing Tournament: Friday, August 16th, 2024

All Ladies Team Captains and Boat Captains must attend (not the entire team-thank you)! Entry Fee: *$250.00 per team (*cash or check). Projected Payouts are based on the number of registered boats, which will be announced at the Captain's meeting. We will payout – BIG Fish and 1st through 5th place at a minimum. Monies raised from fundraising events this year will go to Beneficiary-not selected yet. Announcement to be made on Facebook-Reelin' For A Cure.

Reelin' For A Cure General Rules are also enforced for this Tournament.

**ELIGIBILITY: The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decline entry or participation by any person, team, or boat, as deemed necessary, to ensure such things as integrity, image, reputation, financial performance, and community relationships with sponsors, participants, and supporting groups. Friday, 8/18 -- Tournament time – 6 am – 12 pm. Shotgun starts at 6 am out of Olcott and Wilson Harbors.

  • All boats must stop fishing by 12 pm and in weigh-in line by 1 pm at the large pavilion in Olcott, NY. Any teams late to weigh in will have 5 points deducted from their overall points for being late.
  • Two men max on each boat, which will function as the Captain and 1st mate only. Teams are comprised of women only. The boat captain / 1st mate can rig and net fish but CANNOT reel in any fish. All fish MUST be reeled in by women only! Teams will consist of a minimum of 2 women, a maximum of 6, depending on the size of the boat you are on.
  • Observers are not required. Honor system, please.
  • When the fish bites, the women must reel the fish in. The crew (men) can help set lines and net fish ONLY.
  • All boats must be at least 18' long and be equipped with a marine radio and functioning head for the women.
  • No radio restrictions for this Tournament.
  • Six (6) best fish (State of New York DNR rules with at least a minimum legal length) will be brought to the pavilion for weigh-in. Extra or undersized fish will have points taken off as a penalty. No more than 3 trout can be weighed as part of the six best fish brought to scale.
    No more than 1 Laker (lake trout).
  • Weigh-in will occur at the large pavilion on the North side of Krull Park starting at 1:00 pm - Friday, August 19th. Tournament coolers with no more than a limit (6) must be at weigh-in by 1 pm. Please drain the cooler of any water from ice melting during the day; water should not be in coolers at any time; excess water or loose ice may result in a 5lb deduction from the total weight.

TOURNAMENT SCORES: 1 point per pound and 10 points per fish, using our certified tournament scales.

  • Tie Breakers – When points and pounds are used, the total weight will break ties. If still tied, the biggest fish will be used if that weight is available for all boats involved. If not, the prize will be split.
  • Cash prizes and trophies will be awarded for 1st-5th places and more placed based on the field, as well as a plaque for the BIGGEST fish.
  • If the Tournament cannot begin by 8a.m., it will be canceled.
  • A four-hour minimum fishing time is required to complete this Tournament.
  • This is a fun-filled ladies' fishing tournament, and we take your safety seriously.
  • All the rules will be discussed & finalized at the Captain's meeting. Thursday, August 18th @ 6:30 pm at the Maxwell Station/Old Firehall Address: 1573 Lockport Street, Olcott, NY 14126 / banquet room in back.
  • Fishing tournament weigh-in: Friday, August 18th @ 1 pm at the Large Pavilion, North side of Krull Park Address: Right off route 18, Olcott Beach, NY (weigh in and after party/same location)
  • Questions re: Rules/Tournament? Please call the tournament committee; Stephanie Pierleoni 716-481-6388 / Renee Boyd 716-622-6248 / Christin Yablonsky 716-462-0297

  • Sign-up as a complete team - You have the boat, captain, and the girls for the team
  • Sign up as a team of ladies - You have your team of girls but you will need a boat. A boat will be supplied for you.
  • Sign up as an individual - We will find a team for you that has room for a team member.
  • Team - Limited to 6 ladies maximum.
  • Entry Fee - There is an entry fee for the tournament. The ladies pay the entry fee.

The entry fee is $250.
(Cash or Check ONLY)

It gets you...

  • A day of Trout and Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario,
  • The experience of fishing with your favorite 'Captain' or even a professional Great Lakes Captain,
  • The possibility to win our tournament prizes
  • Have fun and meet other ladies and men at our after tournament party
  • Best of all … a chance to help raise funds for the fight against women's cancers.

So, sign-up to go 'Fishin' for a Cure'!

You may also mail your payment (by check) of $250 to:
Attention: RFAC
P.O. Box 212
Newfane, N.Y. 14108

All fees/donations involved in the Reelin' for a Cure event are tax deductible.
(We can issue an official receipt, if you desire one!)