Maple Run Farm
Old Time Scotch Collie

We have been breeding Old Time Scotch Collies for many years.  They are wonderful dogs, intelligent and make great pets.


The Old Time Scotch Collie breed has been fighting for distinct recognition since probably 1890's when the Fancier's Journal wrote that it was absolutely distinct from it's ancient prototype of the Rough Collie. in 1912 it was argued for the formation of an "Old Fashioned Collie Club" but due to logistics in distance and lack of easy communication, and the club being small in membership, it slowly dissolved as the 20th century moved on.


The late 1990's discovered the Allison dogs in Tennessee J. Richard McDuffie formed the Old Time Farm Shephard breed but soon struggled due to some people being threatened by the new club. Once again, through theft and health reasons, the final pieces of officially recognizing the breed has fallen apart.

Thankfully, in 2010, Andy Ward with the support of several breeders put together the pieces necessary to form the Old Time Scotch Collie association (OTSCA). He combined taking ideas from the Jack Russell Terrier Club of American as well as using Guy Ormiston's breed standard (with a few amendments) and including an open user-edited online Whippet Breed Archive style-based pedigree database that seems to work. The OTSCA now has a way of connecting breeder with the public who has interest in this beautiful breed as well as marketing to help create a wider audience.


The Old Time Scotch Collie breed overall makes for a faithful farm dog or trusted and loyal companion. The meek but loyal disposition of the OTSC creates a patient animal whether for watching, herding and protecting farm animals or befriending children as a loyal and obedient companion dog.

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