Maple Run Farm

maple run farm

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Welcome to our website

We are a small hobby farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains where the Lord continues to speak to us about His Creation.

We are breeders of Old Time Scotch Collies and St. Croix Hair Sheep.

Located in Amherst County, Virginia our farm is conveniently located to make a quick trip from the surrounding East Coast Mid Atlantic states.

Old Time Scotch Collies

If you are looking for a fantastic farm dog to herd, watch and protect your farm animals, the Old Time Scotch Collie is a wonderful dog breed that will serve you loyally. They also make great companion dogs for your children or senior parents. Learn more

The St. Croix Hair Sheep is an easy-care attractive and friendly sheep that is resistant to some of the diseases that wool hair sheep are prone to. This makes raising them simpler and less labor-intensive. Their coat is mostly hair which means the meat is milder due to less lanolin production which makes for more enjoyable cooking. Learn more

St. Croix Hair Sheep

"I wanted to check back in with you...for the puppy I got from you. I have named her “Ginger” and she is doing GREAT!!! She is doing police K-9 training and we see great potential in her tracking abilities.
She is a very healthy, friendly and loyal puppy.
All that debating on which one to pick and I certainly got the right one! Thank you again!"

Michael, Denver CO