Grow. Elevate. Thrive. GET Inspired!!!


ACEIRT™ TV is a division of ACEIRT Solutions LLC and associated with G.E.T. Inspired Media. We embrace EDUtainment and here to educate and entertain entire families, organizations, and communities around the world. ACEIRT TV started with !nspire TV Channel, which stemmed from the thirst to move beyond movies to a movement. A movement of professional people and business owners who seek to Grow and Elevate family, organization, and community leaders to THRIVE. We are a group of people who encourage these leaders to G.E.T. Inspired.

The programming provided on ACEIRT™ TV is for FOC Leaders™, which stands for Family, Organization, and Community leaders. We are a group of professionals with the desire and motivation to transform the lives of others. The channels on this network will consist of inspiration, spiritual, growth, discussions, industry domination, and categories for men, women, and youth. Dr. Tracie Hines Lashley is the founder and CEO of ACEIRT Solutions with a mission to elevate FOC Leaders™ brands leveraging media and technology. Dr. Lashley will seeks to bring growth and elevation for leaders to THRIVE! We hope that the materials learned will transform leaders and those around them.