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FAQs Thermometer
How does it work?

Walk up to the unit, place your forehead 2”-4” away from the sensor and instantly detects your temperature.If a temperature is detected, an alarm will ring.

Can the alarm volume be adjusted or turned off?

Yes the volume of the unit is adjustable and can be silenced.

How is the unit powered?

The unit can be powered by four (4) AA batteries or can be plugged in to any standard outlet. Wall plug not included. Uses a standard 5V/2A USB phone style wall charger.

Does it work with a mask on?

Yes. The unit will work with a mask on as long as your forehead is exposed.

What types of certifications does this unit possess?

This unit is CE FCC and RoHS certified.

FAQs Hand Sanitizer
How does sanitizer work?

Just place your hands under the infrared sensor and wait for 1-2 seconds for it to dispense the sanitizer in your palm. Thoroughly sanitize both hands, and you’re good to go.

Is this ADA compliant?

Yes! Our hand sanitizer stand and dispenser are ADA compliant. Its one-hand operation makes it easily accessible to people with disabilities.

Is the stand stable?

Absolutely! This stand comes with a sturdy base that imparts stability and allows it to stand upright without any issues.

What is the capacity of the sanitizer dispenser?

The sanitizer dispenser is 1200ml – which means that you won’t have to refill it over and over again.

Can I use any sanitizer in this?

The dispenser has a universal, refillable 1200mL reservoir that takes most liquid or gel sanitizer.

Does it take foam sanitizer?

No, it does not.

Can the alarm volume be adjusted or turned off?

Yes the volume of the unit is adjustable and can be silenced.

Is it touch-less?

Yes, there is an infrared sensor that automatically dispenses when your hand is underneath.

Does it need to be plugged in?

No, the unit works with FOUR (4) C Batteries (1.5V). These batteries are not included in the package. It can also be plugged in.

Can this stand be branded?

No Content

How many dispenses will I get before I need to refill the reservoir?

You will get roughly 400 dispenses before needing to refill the reservoir.

Can I use this station outside?

No, indoor use only.

Do I have to buy refills from you?

No, you can use any bulk liquid or gel sanitizer solution. Simply open the reservoir and pour in the solution from a gallon jug.

How do I get sanitizer refills from you?

You can email or call (877) 458-4676 to order more sanitizer solution from us.