I’m Tre’ Gammage a Social Emotional Learning Specialist, focused on building social-emotional competence in school communities by focusing on Adults’ Emotional Skills.

Initially working in Student affairs at a residential High School, I began consulting with K-12 schools supporting SEL, and program implementation, in addition to becoming an international speaking champion through toastmasters in 2016, and Hartsville SC, City Council Member.

Through my experience, I’ve delivered over 200 training & speaking engagements, produced 225+ podcast episodes, and collaborated with over 40 school communities.

Continuing my education is important so after earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Miami (Oh) University I continued to earn certifications as a Global Career Development Facilitator, DISC Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Certificate in School Leadership Social Emotional Learning & Character Development.

Lastly, my mission is to ‘facilitate purpose’ – Facilitate means to make it easier and purpose means your reason for doing.

My purpose is to make it easier to do what you love!
You can learn more about me in the featured videos and slide shows below!


Facilitating Purpose
I believe in making it easier to do what you love, which is why our work helps create opportunities to grow, lead, and experience 
Asset-based personal & professional development

My focus is on maximizing the talents, tools, resources, and opportunities that already exist through asset-based assessments and development


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