SSL Certification for security and authenticity throughout the platform. Password Protected Registration & Logins

Host Unlimited Attendees

Bring many people as you want and as frequent as you want.

Confidence Worry Free Hosting

Fast, reliable. No downloads needed- web based responsive paltform. Create events with custom registration fields, variable accesses & passes

On-demand/online virtual events  platform

The online world is now more virtual than ever before. More and more people are choosing to spend their time on social media, scrolling rather than talking. How can one then expect an attendee to show up to the event they had accessed the virtual platform for?

No more waiting for events to happen live. You can now experience the same great event right from your screen with Virtual Connex PH.

Virtual Connex PH caters to everyone. Whether you want to attend an online event, conference, webinar, lecture, trade show, or more, we have a perfect event catered just for you!

Virtual Connex PH is the answer! It's a virtual event platform that revolutionizes the way people attend events in person or online. The Virtual Connex PH platform gives users a live and interactive experience with all the power of innovations behind it. Our company helps organizations, companies, and individuals create pivot point events for your marketing strategy that build relationships and increases revenue.

We bring the power of innovation and user experience to our customers’ events. Virtual Connex PH helps organizations, companies, and individuals create, execute, and experience inspiring virtual events that generate leads and promote business.

About VIRTUAL Connex PH:

Confidence in hosting Global Events

  • No downloads needed- web based responsive platform
  • Create events with custom registration fields, variable accesses & passes
  • Flexible logins via SSO, LinkedIn, Google & data importing
  • Seamless payment gateway integration
  • Experience dedicated 24/7 support from our helpdesk
  • Create public & private events


Empower organizers and attendees to form strong connections that go beyond our platform

  • Create business profile for booth representatives
  • Seamless one-one chat/video call with representatives
  • Topic based chat/meeting rooms
  • Moderated/unmoderated chats
  • View attendee profiles

Interactive and Fun

  • Push live notifications to keep audiences informed and engaged
  • Interactive games to entertain and excite attendees
  • Seamless email integrations for efficient information sharing
  • Save content/documents in your profile for later consumption
  • Live polls, quizzes, and surveys for gaining user insights
  • Enable session recordings and VOD services for a hassle-free event
  • Lead generation with customizable CTAs - Place Order/Book a Demo

Personalize the event to ensure your audience remembers you long after the event

  • Custom branding & themes
  • Social wall integration
  • Custom domain hosting
  • Dedicated sponsor and exhibitor spaces for enhanced brand awareness

Host amazing Virtual Events while we ensure all your Data is secure and confidential

  • SSL Certification for security and authenticity throughout the platform
  • Password Protected Registration & Logins
  • One-Device Login to avoid false entries
  • Encrypted Data for secure information transfer
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention services are enabled for each of your events
  • Automated Smoke, Stress, and Penetration tests done before deployment to ensure smooth execution of your event

Gamification/ Raffle/Giveaways Virtual Lounge

  • Virtual Photobooth
  • Quiz/survey
  • Video Games Raffle
  • Word Puzzle
  • Polls
  • Networking/ Chat fellowship
  • Video Group Chat
  • Resources
  • Many More

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