Dave Scott Morgan


'Tin Eye' released on my 'Signz' album of March 2022, was written about 'TNI' – the TRUSTED NEWS INITIATIVE, a protocol initiated by the BBC and big media in 2020 to control news output according to prevailing orthodoxy. TNI promotes what falls in line with an agreed narrative and suppresses what doesn't. My song is a lone voice against this conspiracy behind closed doors. And yes, I remember a time when this sort of thing used to be called propaganda! (TNI partners include BBC, CNN, AP, Reuters, Washington Post, Facebook, Google etc). Like the song says: 'Tin Eye, can I trust you?'


Dave Scott Morgan is a writer and musician from Birmingham, England, best known for a stint in the last century with ELO (Electric Light Orchestra). He records his unique style of ‘Post Beatles Melodica’ with a team of musician pals. As well as music, Dave also works as a Flight Instructor.

'Wonderland' is the result of a vision of the U.S. President coming a cropper in a big way, him and all his administration. Reminiscent of what happened to Pharoah and the Egyptians in the biblical story, with the 'wheels coming off' their toys (in the Egyptian case, their chariots). First released on 19 May 2023 (as Dave Scott Morgan), this is the re-worked version for a 2024 release. AI calls it a 'Powerful Protest Song Resonating Against the March to a One World System' I can live with that!

'Crime of the Century' - a new song recently constructed at the song factory!  Robert F Kennedy Jnr (RFK) is running to be the U.S. President in the 2024 election and not surprisingly, he has some pertinent and authentic information about his uncles' murder 60 years ago. At the same time there has been an upswell of renewed interest in the JFK tragedy. Anyway, hearing RFK speak on the subject caused me to revisit the narrative that I and many others, have embraced for so long. Here are my thoughts for 2024.