Quest for Riches... Four teenagers discoverthe keys to wealth and prosperity
This book has been written for young adults who want to flourish financially. It's about how to develop financial intelligence and the strong money mind-set essential to building wealth. Each of us has a different relationship with money relative to our individual personality type and the influences we received during our formative years. Understanding the factors that determine wealth or poverty is a necessary starting point to managing this crucial relationship with money. Many of those factors are woven through the pages of this book.
The ability to manage money is not taught in schools, yet having good money sense is a vital life skill. Mastering money requires learning how to budget properly and how to manage your spending so you can allocate money for saving. It’s about learning how to build a solid, financial profile which sets you up for a life without the stress that money worries can bring.
If you want a solid foundation for building a financially successful life, Money Mastery for Teens is it. The Money Mastery for Teens project was conceived to address the lack of savings and excessive debt common among young people today - and many adults too! Developed by money coach Camilla Mendoza, for young adults aged 14+, Money Mastery for Teens shines a light on the essential fundamentals of building wealth.Begin your journey by reading Quest for Riches and sharing in Toni, Eric, Jackson and Brooke's learning pathway. You can also gain some personal insights by taking our Money Personality Quiz.
Money mastery for Teens
  • Discovering your Money Personality type and how your current spending and saving habits may well affect your ability to create wealth in the future.

  • Uncovering your ‘Money DNA’ . In other words identifying the behavioural patterns you have inherited from your parents and grandparents, and how to turn unhelpful behaviours into habits that will supercharge your financial future.

  • Learning the essential principles of wealth creation so you can start mastering your finances now for a prosperous life in the future.

  • Gaining insight into the money mind-set and the reasons why what you think and feel about money has a massive impact on how you attract it to you.

Money Mastery for Teens doesn’t tell you what to do, we all know that doesn’t work! Instead, it creates an understanding of your mind-set around money and wealth creation, and how your current attitudes about money, might disastrously affect you in your adult life

You and others walk away feeling not only inspired to begin creating your own wealth, but empowered with the knowledge and tools you need to manage your money responsibly, now and into the future.

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I attended Camilla Mendoza’s ‘Money Mastery For Teens’ workshop for students of Year Nine and Ten. The girls were thoroughly interested and seemed to come away from the workshop with a real sense of determination to manage their finances effectively. Many stated that they would keep records of where they spent their money, others were adamant that they would create an ‘Asset Account’ in order to ‘Pay themselves first’
Ms Mendoza used a range of teaching and learning techniques throughout the presentation – including class discussion, direct questioning, audio- visual, direct, direct teaching, visual presentation. The variety ensured that students were engaged and actively participating throughout the presentation.
The workshop was of great benefit to the students, as they come away with a better understanding of how to manage their finances and the tools in order to do so. Plus, it is of great benefit to have the workshop aimed at students, in order to educate them on financial matters earlier, rather than later

Kristina Shuey, Teacher

 Kesser Torah College

Camilla Mendoza recently delivered her Money Mastery For Teens workshop to the Year 7 – 10 students of our Girls’ High School.
I highly recommend Camilla’s course to Teens, since in our age, which affords teens the opportunities to earn and spend money independently, it is essential that teens be taught the worth of money. They must also be made aware of the many malicious schemes and agents trying to get them to spend their money
Camilla’s workshop was entertaining and highly educational at the same time. The students learned about their own ‘money personality type’ and the associated spending habits. They also discussed the patterns of spending they have seen in their homes to give them insights into their own perceptions of how money should be spent.

Once they realized that their spending choices can be personality and experience – based, Camilla talked to them about how finance actually works – what interest is, how credit cards earn interest on purchases and how clever people can have their own money earning interest. She also gave strategies about spending and saving and gaining mastery over one’s finances

It was startling to see that these simple ideas were brand new concepts for many of the girls. It made us realize how terribly important it is to give teens these important lessons to help them in their future.

Because the activities were fun and interesting, the girls took the messages to heart and I am certain the ideas will influence their spending patterns. In addition, a desire to learn more about money was awakened in them


Gavriella Aber, 

Director of Studies, Yeshiva College Bondi

“It really helped me think about what I am doing with my money and what I could be doing with my money in future”
“… I liked the strategy for wealth creation because it gave me some great tips on how I can create wealth for myself”

“I liked the Credit Cards and compound interest part because it gave me a stronger understanding in how much the stuff we buy really costs”

“… I really like the idea of opening an asset account….”

“… it was all new information. I had never heard about this stuff before.”

“My favourite part was the Money Personality Quiz, I learnt a lot about myself, it was dead right”Feed-back Comments From Teenagers Who Have Attended a Workshop.

-Neryl Petterson,

Padbury, WA

Are you a teenager who struggles to save? Is your wallet always empty? Perhaps you are a parent who's worried your child is developing bad money habits?

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Take the Money Personality Quiz.


Buy and engage in the 'Quest for Riches'.


Do you want to run a workshop, then contact us

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