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Mortgage Industry

Lead generator

Referral gift

Convert prospects to clients

Incentive to call for more info

Gift for re-financing a mortgage

Generate referrals from network

Maintain contact w/customers

Increase your credibility.


Lead generator

Referral gift

Convert prospects to clients

Incentive to send back questionnaire

Welcome client into their new home

Insurance Companies

Lead generator

Referral gift

Gift for a new policy written

Incentive to keep appt with sales rep

Incentive to send back questionnaire


Lead generator

Referral gift

Incentive to fill out questionnaire

Gift with purchase

Contest prizes

Special promotion giveaways

Gift for attending presentation

Sales closing tool

Appointment setting

Network Marketing & MLM

Gift for signing up as a distributor

Gift to people who book a home party

Referral gift to those who bring a guest

Gift to those who buy products

​or sign up for something

Special promotion giveaways

Drawings at home parties or meetings

Elementary Schools and Colleges

Energize fundraising efforts

Increase enrollment

Reward faculty and staff


Bulk Mailers and Mass Mailers

Incentive to call for more info

Incentive to buy products and/or use services

Car Dealerships

Create more showroom traffic

Sell upgrades and warranty packages

Close sales

Generate repeat business

Referral gift

Incentive for test-driving


Attract new depositors

Boost loan activity

Up-sell accounts and policies

Close the deal gift

Employee gift

Customer loyalty gift

Trade Show Companies

Booth drawing

Sales closing tool

Gift with purchase

Media Companies

Increase advertising revenue

Sell new subscriptions

Attract listeners

Increase sales

Gift with ad purchase

Incentive to sign up for eZine

Incentive to sign up for newsletter

Ebay Sellers

Use them as an added bonus w/ each auction

Reward for buying more than 1 item

Reward for using "Buy it Now," button

Thank you for purchasing goods

Radio Stations

Prizes for listeners

Giveaways for contests

Travel Agencies

Referral gift

Gift for booking a flight

Gift for booking a cruise

Special promotion giveaway

Retailers and Manufacturers

Increase floor traffic

Increase in-store spending

Anniversary sales event

Customer retention gift

Extended warranty sales

Employee gift

Construction Companies

Lead generator

Referral gift

Gift for using your services

Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors

Referral gift

Give as a thank you for doing business.

Clubs and Associations

Refer a friend

Increase memberships

Renewal bonus

Member benefit

Service Providers

Gift for new clients

Gift when upgrading service

Gift for completing survey

Door-to-Door Companies

Gift with purchase

Sales closing tool

Referral Gift

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Give as a gift for donations

Use as auction prizes during events

Are you wondering how incentives can help your business?  Or wondering what types of businesses use incentives?

​Either way, you can find some answers below!  The list below is just a small fraction of the way both retail and online businesses use incentives and rewards for customers and employees!​  

​Any company that offers a service or product can find a use for incentives! Since everyone loves a vacation - the options are limitless!

No matter what kind of business you have, our certificates WILL motivate your potential customers to take action! If you sincerely want to increase your business, then you MUST offer a valuable incentive to get your prospects and customers to respond to your offer.

Generate More Traffic

How can you break through traditional advertising clutter? Create excitement that motivates customers? Attract new and repeat visitors to your store or Web site? You can do it all with an unlimited supply of vacation certificates by Vacation Incentives Unlimited! They're an amazingly inexpensive, simple, and unique way to promote your products without cutting into profits.

Sell More Product

Do you want to create a lasting impression with your best prospects so they'll buy again? Improve direct mail and ad response rates? Up-sell or sell multiple units without squeezing your margins? Vacation certificates add value and give your prospects an irresistible reason to respond — now. And after your customer enjoys a rewarding getaway thanks to you, you can be sure they'll think of you the next time they're ready to buy.

Close More Sales

High-ticket products and intangibles have the longest sales cycle and are tough to crack for even the most skilled salespeople. Travel certificates from Vacation Incentives Unlimited can help you clinch the deal or solidify a new business relationship. Travel certificates can make the difference between losing a sale & gaining a customer for life.

Reward More Employees

Your sales people and customer service representatives are your most valuable assets. And good talent is hard to find — and keep. Doesn't it make sense to keep your employees motivated and happy? Travel certificates are an affordable, yet highly coveted reward for a job well done. Give your top performers a well-deserved break that leaves them well - rested and ready to return to a job they love. Vacation certificates are great recruiting tools too!

Do you want to:

Ensure a safe workplace?

Have a dedicated, loyal workforce?

Create a successful sales team?

Reward extraordinary service and your top performers?

Support perfect attendance and acknowledge milestones?

We all know a happy employee is a productive employee. But how many on your staff really look forward to another plaque on their wall or a $5 gift card? Now you have another option to offer. With Vacation Incentives Unlimited travel incentives, you can turn your entire team into top performers. If you are not already rewarding your employees with these out-of-the-box gifts, why not start now? You'll be very happy with the results and your employees will never forget it.  Your team works hard all year. Show your appreciation by rewarding them with a well deserved vacation.  While you're at it, take one for yourself!

How To Use Our Certificates In Your Business