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Redeeming The Voucher

How The Booking Process Works For Your Customers

Booking A Trip


You've Found A Winning Formula

Instant Gratification

1st Step!  Give your customer a printed or emailed vacation voucher!

Print or Email:  If it's a physical voucher or card, include the simple directions on how to redeem the offer!

2nd Step!  If virtual - email to your customer thanking them for the purchase, with simple directions on how to redeem their voucher!

So Easy:  Tell your customer to redeem the voucher at a private website (we'll give you the website once you're a member!) 

3rd Step!  There's nothing left for you to do!  We take over from here!

White Label Support:  The website where your customer redeems is white label, meaning your customers won't be led back to our company at any time.  They will also be booked by our white label reservation center. 

Keeping It Simple. 

Easy Online Redemption!  The customer just needs to enter your a member ID code to redeem the voucher on the redemption website.  All details & FAQ's are available for customers to understand the voucher before using.

Booking Form Appears Instantly:  Moments after the guest redeems the voucher, their reservation form will appear on the next screen.   If the guest leaves before filling out the online form, we email it to them within the same business day!  

Choices Galore!  Based on the customers requests, an agent will send back some top rate hotel options for the customer to choose from.  These options will include the Hotel Name - Property Description - Retail Price - Voucher Savings & Guest Fees to finalize the booking.  

Customers do not need to select from the top choices an agent finds, and can change or modify their request anytime before it has been finalized. Guests are never "assigned" to a hotel - they must approve all travel details before anything is finalized.


Confirmation Is Emailed Right Away!  Once a guest has confirmed their hotel of choice, the agent will finalize the booking and email the confirmation right away.  Because the hotel room is pulled from corporate inventory and assigned to the guest - the guest does not need to bring a printed confirmation with them.  The hotel will already have all their info ready and waiting.

The confirmation will have the hotel address, phone number, with link to map and directions.  It will also include the reservation number, room details, and any other details a guest may need before checking in to ensure a smooth trip.  All taxes & fees have already been included in the guests final fees, so there will be no surprise charges when checking in or out.

Best Price Guarantee!  The vouchers are designed to save big money on travel, and 99% of the time they do exactly that.   With the enormous variety of travel requests, specifications and sometimes last minute bookings - the vouchers may not always be able to save as much as a guest is hoping for.   In these cases, we apply our Best Price Guarantee.

If a customer finds a better price for the same room and same dates than we can, we'll match the price AND give the customer the chance to use the voucher another time within one year!  

Rest assured that we treat your customers as our own, and we'll do everything we can to make them happy!