This is how Size : Bolt pattern : Offset works,Size if it starts between 14 to 34 which represents diameter, times between 6 to 14 that represents width, that's the size,so 17x 7.5, 17 is between 14 and 34 and is the diameter, 7.5 is between 6 to 14 and is the width. I think below 6 is gulf carts not sure and over 34 ? could be..

Bolt pattern : Is how many bolts your car has and the depth, so its starts with low number4x100 meaning lugs & depth,if you don't know look at your wheel or call your car maker, they can tell you the depth also,4 is how many lugs and 100 is the depth,4x 114 is the next pattern available,so 4 is the amount of lugs and 114 is the depth,choose the right one for your car, Offset represents the amount of lip, it can create deep dish or not deep dish unless the design is made flush with the front of the rim, it is measured in millimeters, and it starts with - or +, the minus means less and the + equals more,if you want custom, the front can be standard and back a lot more, so front + 20 and rear + 40 equals custom,don't forget to pay me more money for custom. OK the color and meaning in this example red is the size, everything yellow is bolt pattern, and blue is the offset , look at the difference between the numbers written and then you'll know SIZE 17 x 7.5:BOLT PATTERN 4x100 OR 4x114:OFFSET +40mm,if the is no comma separating it use the difference in how the numbers look, some times it s more than one bolt pattern listed or offset that's available for the rim you want, but the difference will allow you to choose, don't forget to get the info for you car from the dealership then match it with whats available. that's your responsibility, Also for the bolt pattern if it starts with 4 that means 4 lugs exam : 4x100 then the 4 means four lugs also bolt pattern can be written as 4x4.50 so the numbers doesn't have to look only like 4x100 or wat eva the number is and if it starts with 5 it means 5 lugs and so on.

Size : Bolt Pattern : Offset : Information