It is the Customers responsibility to provide the information for what they want to purchase, do the research, know the wheel specifications you want, then Contact by emailing the Contact, Vehicle, and product details including the package you want to order.




Shipping on all custom built rims will be 4 to 5 weeks depending on how much is being done, more than worth the wait, for all custom built your purchase is sold as is, after you make your selections the rims will be made the way you want styled, meaning color selection and where the colors are place and the rim features or specification, if the rims are custom built, then designed by the professional stylist the rims are sold as is,

all wheels are custom built to customer/vehicle specifications, no returns, no refunds, no exchange

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST for orders, inquiries  via Text or Email

​​Monday to Friday : 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time for Order Placing, Email or Text for information Anytime and a sales agent will contact you with the info on availability, price, taxes and shipping, please provide the necessary info : Contact info, the vehicle info, and the Product info for the product that you want to purchase, vehicle info consist of brand,make,model, & year. Thank you

Email : or Text 1-954-479-2967 to Check Pricing and Availability Best option to check availability is to Text or Email your contact info and the product info & vehicle details you want the products for, to avoid being placed on hold by the Sales Agents so they can check that information.

1) Choose a DESIGN

2) Choose  the Package, Size, color code and Features you want

3) Email your contact info and the name of the wheel design and the Size and features you want, also the vehicle info, then the sales agent will check the info and get you the correct pricing with shipping & taxes and contact you by replying to the text or Email, then if you want to order, the sales agent will call you to set up the order

​​Get the lip and inner barrel, gloss or matte black, the buttons any color and the center ​either gloss black, matte black, or gloss white for the same price as the 1 color center for the size chosen + $1000 or just the center gloss black, matte black or gloss white for the same price of the chrome for the size chosen+extra $500 ( $500 applies to 19" to 24, extra $1000 between 26" and 28" and a extra $1500 for 32" standard chrome price for the size chosen plus the extra cost )

***   Custom Forging Promotion 1   ***



All Width that is 11” to 13” is a Extra $300 per wheel and width 14” is a  Extra $650 per wheel

For Mix Width Options + $500, Example : Front wheels 7.5, Back wheels 9.5, this is based on whats available for the size you want to purchase

Full Custom : Colors

1 Color Center

2 Color Center

How to Order

 First thing is to know what color code you need, so you will have to find out what the code is for your Vehicle color, or ​just the color code you want, you can look online for automobile color samples, or check a auto paint supply store, for your Vehicle you can call your Manufacturer of the Vehicle, once you have that you can now choose where you want to add the color code or codes, example : Change the black to ? what ever color code you want, or change the red to ? what ever color code you want, the Standard black is gloss black, that can be changed to another black color code if you want, and so can the red, once the color code is chosen and where to place it selected, now you just provide the details like Size, Bolt pattern and Vehicle info, Package you want to order and so on, package includes 1 color center, 2 color center and so on... provide the color code and what color you want to replace with it, like replace the Red with color code YEL9755  for yellow, and then provide the rest of the Required Information


The Color Code for your Vehicle is sometimes ​​on the sticker with you open the Driver Side door, it will say the name and the code or serial Number for what the exact color is, that is serial number is the Color Code, if it is not there, then you will have to call the manufacturer to check the VIN #, or your local Branch Car Dealer for your Vehicle, like Chevy dealership, or Honda, Ford, Toyota, Kia, they might be able to give that information, or find a awesome color to repaint, then do that, and now the wheels match the vehicle

Pricing is for the Standard Signature, Anything else is a extra $400, Example : Concave

Full Custom : Colors + Carbon